Animal Kingdom…let’s save

Cute Golden spotted Deer 🦌 in pose

img_2607.jpgI’s a beautiful Golden spotted deer 🦌 I spotted inside “Kuldiha Wild Life‘during January 2017.Watching wild animals in wild is a real pleasure always because day by day we are encroaching their territory and leaving only a few of the land mass for them to graze and survive.

Unless we all are conscious of not destroying their habitat any further may be a day will come when these animals will be like hanging pictures inside “History Museums“. 

Animals have their right to “free living” but how many of us care for them….although just a few but soon we also lose our tempo in promoting our Concern for Animal Kingdom.

Written on general interest of “Animal Kingdom” and making every one conscious for their free hood.


6 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom…let’s save

  1. At times I wonder how unfortunate we are to have so many beautiful things around us but we dont have the taste and interest to explore them. I feel blessed when I see these magnificent shots and gain knowledge of their whereabouts.Your deep rooted thought is very striking. Forthcoming gen will see them hanging in pictures or portrait adorning the walls only. ameen

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