Journey of Life

Life itself is a journey till you meet your Destiny.The more you move on this path the newer sub-ways come all the way across leading you to many destinations for you to choose.

Some will be fulfilling your inner instinct and some will distract you from your core.It’s you who can always decide the BEST for you.I have seen people mostly get engrossed and become choiceless in this matter and apart from leading a just routine kinda life they won’t much explore what for they are meant by the Destiny.

We all as individuals are always blessed with some uniqueness & I am sure you can explore yourself before trying to explore others what you want and what gives you pleasure unconditionally.The moment you realise yourself the whole world will no more be a bother you.

let’s live with a Passion…..only your passion can give you the VIBRANCE & can add a SPARKLE to kindle the INNER YOU.

Just my #Thoughts put to #Words…..any resemblance is just a mere coincidence.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In one of your post I remember you saying “Life is a train journey” some co passengers travel till the end of our journey and with some we have a brief encounter leaving an impact on you.
    It’s like the liberation of my soul after I started expressing my innerself…not too intellectual but all I know is self exploration by ones own self …not possible…until one takes your hand and puts it in the right place and tells you This is You.. and this is where you ought to be. …with respectful bows.ameen

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Wah…i find you now in YOU.

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