Wildlife at Chilapata

C H I L A P A T A……Wild Life
Chilapata near Hasimara in WB India a most beautiful destination for Nature lovers & birders.

If you are lucky🍀 you have a fair chance to get such a glimpse of a Baby👶elephant with its parents.

The Colourful watch Tower will add to your photography euphoria .

Leaf Birds are in quite plenty sucking nectar from blooming wild flowers🌺.

One of my #Best landscape photography frame I have got there with River & Trees 🌲 in the inset 

That was Jan2016 around 23rd , me and my wife both by choice are Nature lovers started for Siliguri in WB and it was pre planned with all necessary vehicle 🚗 and cottage booking at Chilapata .From there we started for Jungle camp accommodation in an Innova and the journey started with lots of scenic ups and downs till we reached Hasimara,a place very near to Bhutan 🇧🇹 boarder.

From there it was only 10 km journey within the deep forests 🌳 of Chilapata range with tall trees 🌲 and shrubs on both sides of road.

There were a good number of beautiful and quite colourful watch towers on the way for animal lovers & watchers.The accommodation at “Chilapata Jungle Camp”was one of the best and quite awesome with all flavours of Bengali dishes rich in Fish delights and cottages were around to stay in.The river side is awesome scenic as if “Nature dwells in it’s serenity”.

There are plenty varieties of colourful  Birds taking nectar out of flowers is awesome to watch.Even Wild Flowers make the entire place so scenic .

With every hope to see wild elephants we took a morning trip from Chilapata jungle camp to Hasimara and while returning We were really lucky to see two adult elephants🐘perhaps parents of the small baby elephant in between them standing on the road side to cross the road . I stopped the vehicle at a safe distance and took these two shots and I will say,it’s till date the best shot of Wild Elephants 🐘 with a baby that I took.

It is quite well connected from Siliguri the nearest city of West Bengal in India .Most ideal time is Winter season to enjoy the greenery of Deep forests 🌳 and being so near to Hasimara and Exotic Bhutan 🇧🇹.

I will suggest 3 nights would be most ideal to explore the flora and fauna with a river near by.Since there are very limited accommodation to be booked in advance. Chilapata Jungle camp is a most favored destination with so many huts well surrounded by plants and a lot of birds are a frequent visitors all day long .

I am sure the Camp fire 🔥 will ignite the lost Passion😉 in you.

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  3. These pictures are truly amazing. I love reading your posts and seeing the pictures of these beautiful, wild places and the animals that live there.

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      Yes dear I am so happy to see you liked the shots. I always try my best to portray nice shots with an alluring story behind it to make a meaningful reading.
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  4. All snaps shoot were excellent. Great idea in every pic and it Present more details .

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      Thanks 🙏 Tanveer & I am really happy 😊 with your encouraging words.

      1. It my pleasure if you happy.

  5. thinkinkadia says:

    Beautiful pictures! I spent two years in the area and its good to see the beauty still there.

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      You are lucky been there & I am happy it reminded you lost nostalgic memories.

  6. Nice….

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