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Love you…..P I H U

Pihu is always gorgeous yet naughty….(Pihu-the-Naughty-Boy)

Can you guess….this naughty boy entered in to our life hardly when he was 3 months old baby fed mostly by my wife till Pihu was 9 months old.

This is Pihu…..his first ever shower on a vase about 4 months old.A real rare shot Google Photos preserved for me.

I am sharing here with some playful cute shots of Pihu the naughty guy.

This is Pihu when he was around a year or so and nothing could ever stop him from being playful in our presence.

The naughty boy again in a pose….at our Ranchi residence about a year and half ago picture.

Unless you ever meet this guy of being repute for it’s naughty-ness you of course in our presence you can’t even ever imagine how playful and joyous it gets just to see me and wife around.

Not that easy to love a bird to this extent but I am sure Pihu the African Grey Parrot is an exception the way it gets emotionally attached to us day by day.

In the loving memory of Life together with Pihu.


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