Photo Story….Women Empowerment

Women play a great role in our society building

I took this nice click at Chilapata Forests near Hasimara Range in WB(India)in 2016 during a Jungle Trip.On that morning I was on a Jungle Safari with every hope to spot Elephants and Bisons but suddenly the Ladies carrying bundles of firewood on their head caught my attention which ignited a deep feel of gratitude for women laying their hands in a most unseen form for running a livelihood and I name this shot as “Women Empowerment”.

Not just in India rather it’s a global phenomenon where most of the housewives and ladies play a great role in giving their family daily bread and butter for which they toil hard though it’s not been ever accounted for.Most of us almost never recognise how silently they lay hands in development of our society.

I have tried to depict their silent endeavour to run the show of Life through this pic-story.

I will dedicate this shot to all Women Photographers & Bloggers across The Globe.


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  1. Siba this is amazing. This speaks volumes on the important contributions of women to society on a daily basis.
    Like you mentioned – their contributions to society are at times taken for granted. Acknowledging their work and all that they do is SO important. Thank you once again!

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    • Manisha ji
      I am happy to see you acknowledged my work & yes you are right the way they are taken for granted since ages.
      Just a try silently to show my gratitude to #Womanhood at large.
      Thanks 🙏 again.


  2. This is a common phenomenon in forest fringe villages and even in towns, Bhubaneswar for example. Forests have receded more than 7 km from villages, which were once close by. Women have to bear the brunt in carrying almost 70-80 kg wood on their heads, panting and perspiring. Some times, one can see them rest under a tree. This is about women folk of Snake charmers of Padmakesari pur, Patia and even of Kabarisahi. This is not empowerment but, subjugation. They need the benefit of Saur sujala yojana. Heartening to know, it touched your heart.

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  3. Thanks Siba so much for including me in these women and I must say what amazing women. They must be working so hard but there is such a happy smile on their faces as if they are loving their work. An amazing picture, loved the scenery and their openness.

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