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Wildlife Random Shots#1


Lion is the King a shot clicked at Oromanjhi Bilogical garden in Ranchi (Jharkhand)IndiaBeautiful bird…..fascinating

Fighting Bisons clicked at Betla National Park and I was lucky I could go up to reasonably close to take this Awesome click.The Golden spotted deers…an early morning shot from Betla National Forests and I always cherish my Daltonganj posting days though for a short span but I could preserve maximum shots on wildlife.Blue cow (Nil gai) a click from Buxar in Bihar and they were just plenty roaming around and grazing on paddy fields and destroying harvests causing a real concern.Monkey mother with a baby on her lap.I would always keep as a memory of a loving Mom is no exception in Animal kingdom also.Royal Stag” in a beautiful pose against a tree-Perfect camouflage and I clicked two shots with my DSLR that day and I still remember that exact tree where I caught a sight of this awesome creature.Three Black Bucks in a row.I Clicked this Shot at Buxar in Bihar and watching Blackbucks on open fields grazing on grass and paddy is really an awesome experience I would always cherish.Monkeys are always an inspiration for community living and these Monkey duo I clicked from Betla National Forests in Palamu Dist in Jharkhand.

The Macho gigantic Bison clicked at Betla National Forest.I could realize that day…animals won’t hurt unless they are threatened.

I would dedicate all these shots to Wildlife Photography lovers across the Globe.


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