Wildlife Random Shots#1


Lion is the King a shot clicked at Oromanjhi Bilogical garden in Ranchi (Jharkhand)IndiaBeautiful bird…..fascinating

Fighting Bisons clicked at Betla National Park and I was lucky I could go up to reasonably close to take this Awesome click.The Golden spotted deers…an early morning shot from Betla National Forests and I always cherish my Daltonganj posting days though for a short span but I could preserve maximum shots on wildlife.Blue cow (Nil gai) a click from Buxar in Bihar and they were just plenty roaming around and grazing on paddy fields and destroying harvests causing a real concern.Monkey mother with a baby on her lap.I would always keep as a memory of a loving Mom is no exception in Animal kingdom also.Royal Stag” in a beautiful pose against a tree-Perfect camouflage and I clicked two shots with my DSLR that day and I still remember that exact tree where I caught a sight of this awesome creature.Three Black Bucks in a row.I Clicked this Shot at Buxar in Bihar and watching Blackbucks on open fields grazing on grass and paddy is really an awesome experience I would always cherish.Monkeys are always an inspiration for community living and these Monkey duo I clicked from Betla National Forests in Palamu Dist in Jharkhand.


The Macho gigantic Bison clicked at Betla National Forest.I could realize that day…animals won’t hurt unless they are threatened.

I would dedicate all these shots to Wildlife Photography lovers across the Globe.


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It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.


  1. Blessed are you to be born in a place where beauty lies in bounty.As well your job which gives you the opportunity to travel extensively.Opening doors for you which most are deprived of .You are blessed to explore the unseen and capture them in your shots for a lifetime. Calling your shots beautiful will be an understatement….As per your quote”Only a few become successful to express what they wish to express through their shots” but shots which speak out aloud of its existence without a word being spoken is success in true sense. A drop of tear moist s my eyes when I see you touching heights.ameen

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      1. Every morn I wait to experience something new through your work to think it over to write about it to rejuvenate myself.ameen.

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    1. Yes
      Thats the beauty of Nil Gai which are common in UP Bihar and Haryana even destroying a lot of paddy and wheat fields mostly.I have met some thousands during course of my journey.

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