Save Earth….Save Earthworms

Save Earth….Save Earthworms


It’s been since how long you virtually saw this tiny creature digging the earth and building a soil body just not to satisfy its hunger but nourishes Mother Earth 🌏 in return.

There were days when these Earthworms were not just abundant but were in plenty to recycle stale souls naturally bringing out fertility for those days farmers to get a natural best “Organic Food Harvest”.

It’s never too late even to start a habit….just let’s STOP using chemicals in form of Soil nutrients or Pesticides to further make them EXTINCT.

The way I perceive myself I am sure I will always try to convince you to care for self & care for our Mother Earth.

Stop naming and blaming….let’s try this time with an honest heart to love & Care…

#Thoughts put to #Words


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Its a long lost memory in our school days the earthworm would toil the soil and left behind a coilled piece of feature the pic you of shown and we took this coilled mud on our palm and watched them as made out of some machine. No mud nor mud like softness exists anymore people and their surrounding all have turned concrete hard and strong.These insectisides and pesticides and chemical use are the cause of a cancer patient in each home these days. ameen

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      I am happy it reminded you of your childhood….😍

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