F R I E N D S H I P……Life can give us a number of Beautiful Friends But…”Only True Friends can give a Beautiful Life”.

Most of us talk of Friendship without understanding the meaning of a “True Friendship”.

“Friends are like Pearl beads to make a beautiful necklace to adore as an ornament for a life long glamour”.

The way these days Friendships happen in social sites like Facebook & many more , is really intriguing & brings many a people to “Depression”.

“A True Friend need not say a Hi..Hello…or Good Morning every now and then but should prove as a comfy in time of need by a sweet hug of words or stand by a storm to pass through”.

The true meaning of Friendship is…Being happy to see your Friend rise sky-high & being understanding to his/her extreme behaviour.

“I may not be there always with you but I will always be there for you”.

A blog in the name of Friendship to cherish for a life time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most people fail to understand me and my words For me true friendship means two souls dwelling in the same body.Seeing the other touch the sky is like holding hands together and being on top of the world. For a part of me lives within you thats called true frndship. If one is hue let the other be the fragrance a perfect blend of nature..A deal non profitable and non negotiable a deal of a lifetime if one wishes to make

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Just WOW 😮

  2. Love this!

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks Friend 😍

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