F O R G I V I N G…#1


To forgive is to set oneself free from the bondage of any deed which is already a past.I admit it’s though not an easy task but not impossible either.Just one needs to practice in day to day life.

Life is so Blissful & Blooming the moment you see others bloom inspite of that moment’s tussle which you have already forgiven keeping aside your personal differences.We are not here to reign for ever nor we are to shine till eternity but this Blissful thought of being with the Universe is a Big leap andyou may call it a Spiritual Blast.

Spirituality is in my shallow depth of knowledge is just to be with Self and a harmless mind with ocean of forgiveness to engulf the good & bad simultaneously.

The Guru is always within & the Soul is no different of a Sinner either.

Beauty & Beast go alike…..like the glittering Gold but everything that glitters are not Gold an old proverb proves right.

At least confession to self is enough to erase the sins that accumulate with our Soul and after all we are humans with a chance to err as “To err is Human”.

Just My thoughts I tried to put to Words….



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