N A T U R E…be 1 with Self

Be one with Nature…and it’s nothing but an Indulgence with Self.

•उड़ने के लिए पंख नहीं मन चाहिए•

Nature is the ultimate source of joy & eternal abode of Peace and Tranquility.Nature is the most renewable source of immense joy one can cherish . Nature is just Ultimate of anything and Everything any material source can ever buy.Think of any of your trip or indulgence with Nature….the very thought will again take you back to her lap of unforgotten memories which money can never buy for you.

Sit a few minutes every morning or afternoon on your garden or any nature around your vicinity and hear the chirping sounds of Birds & hear the Nuance of falling leaves and I swear you will hear the most fine tunes of your own inner self & the call of God and there lies the abode of Peace and Tranquility that I am talking of.“Nature is nothing but our own existence with with the sublime Source of immense joy”

Dedicated to all Nature lovers and Bloggers on Nature for a thoughtful reading.

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