Nature is Uniquely Distinct & Different…you just need an Eye

Nature is Uniquely Distinct & Different…you just need an Eye

 I took this click at EcoPark in Kolkata India.

Spending few moments with family and friends is always a rejuvinating fascination for Me.

Dedicated to all Nature & Beauty Lovers & Photographers. 




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just. dwell in the 💛heart of nature the way you dwell in a woman’s heart. She will give you more than she has. Like her she will love U love her she will adore U. . she will quench your thirst with all her might ,Simply turn around give her a chance see what she has in preserve for you Give. her your precious time and watch how she unfurls her beauty before you. Appreciate her. ..we lack that heart and eye to see and feel its beauty. I feel pity for ourselves not for nature she’s done her job what about us ? Ameen

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      You don’t lack anything & you are on the right direction.Don’t blame your self….Ameen


      1. Anonymous says:

        That’s what I have learnt now n the morn I take atleast 10 mins to sit and watch the green plush near my childrens school breath fresh air. Enliven my soul and walk back home .Ameen

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      2. CreativeSiba says:

        Yes….you are on the right path now a days….keep it up.


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