WordPrompt #Beauty

Beauty is a Blessing……words should be equally soothing & alluring….else #Beauty becomes a #Nuisance

I am sure not just me as a #Man Every Men here on this #Planet admire The Beauty of a Woman.


I will say “sometimes some Women take the Beauty a permanent #Ornament forgetting the Law of Nature….

•Nothing is Permanent….so as the Beauty of a Woman•

Words uttered from the Beautiful lips 👄

•If chosen with equal subtle content it makes the Beauty more Beautiful•

We all know it well….

•We all are Mortal & sooner or later we are to leave the #Stage & be one with #Eternity•

Only our deeds will remain as a sweet-memory for our loved one’s & admires as a #MemoryCherished for a life time.

Let’s respect #SelfRespect of every one and choose words in private as well as in public to beautify this Beautiful Planet of Best Creations of Almighty.


#Thoughts put to #Words


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