~ portrait-of-an-unknown-face~


Sometimes, I just feel like clicking some unknown people and it was a mere coincidence at Puri sea beach

I have a strong feeling that:-

“God’s every creation is just matchless piece of handmade artwork with no flaws to find at & every one is differently unique”.

I remember , exactly it was July 2015 and I had been to Puri with my family on the occasion of “Nabakalebara ” (LORD JAGANNATH’S New Body ceremony) . Rath Yatra (Cart Festival) of Lord Sri Jagannath ,Sri Balabhadra and their sister Subhadra is a most famous among all festivities of Odisha as per “Sanatana Hindu Dharma” & Jagannath Sanskruti .Now a days it is being celebrated Globally where ever Hindu people are existing.

This man I think a lunatic person was on  Puri beach wandering on sand with a funny clothing (a red scarf on head) caught my attention and I just stopped by his Portrait and clicked this shot , but I was not knowing the emotion behind the shot one day will click a story for me.

Being an Amateur Photographer,I have always tried my best to add life to any object even so as to give a feeling that my clicks will speak in a moment of silence.

Dedicated to all Amateur Photographers


8 thoughts on “~ portrait-of-an-unknown-face~

      1. And that’s precisely why photography is so special. It captures those moments, those colorful people like a frozen snapshot in time.


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