& winning Self is a BIG Challenge

•To compete with Self & winning Self is a BIG Challenge•

The biggest #taboo I have seen is to meet strangers not just in real world but even in virtual world through social sites.

I was going through a Blog by a young lady Blogger of course Indian and was really shocked to notice that….

The comments though not much but it was uniquely annoying the way the gals I mean lady power put forth their views in praising a lady blogger with words like “WE THE GIRLS ARE SUPREME “

I was little surprised 😮

Do they compete with Men at large in 21st century even to prove their superiority ?I feel….Till there is a competition can any one grow emotionally overcoming #FearPshychosis ? Why do they compete ? Is it needed ? Are they still suppressed ?

NO my dear at least I will not buy it.The moment they can compete keeping constant all factors as equal as a man faces THE WRATH THE HARSENESS OF WEATHER THE THREAT from UNKNOWN in THE SAME WAY AS A MAN FACES…..God forbid….NO COMPETITION is needed and we from both GENDERS are equal in GOD’s EYE.

#Thoughts put to #Words.


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