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A Confession

A confession….fakes-or-Fakealikes-it’s-all-the-same



Good morning

Good night

Is it worth a friendship ?

I have a bad habit of not to hide….but to confess and learn a lesson from my own mistakes and march ahead.

Till date I was with the impression that and rather I was so proud to speak loudly “I can’t distinguish between real life and virtual friendship like in BBM or FACEBOOK friendship”.

I was wrong…& I have a valid reason to pronunce it much louder this time as during my last 6-7 years of stay at different parts of India with much of my friends from •Kolkata• had a wrong impression that…ahhh if one day I will be posted there in the City of Joy….

Kolkata I would be pampered the

way I used to perceive those days friendly encounters.At last….last year I got a promotional transfer to Kolkata and thank God I have completed my •Kolkata Anniversary• though….alas I feel so blessed to realise except a friend or two none of my so called intimate friends have never bothered to take stock of my situation or ever had come to my office or home , neither they have ever invited me as a real life friend….

How Fake these days Facebook Friendships I am sure I will change my approach not just to Facebook stuff even any other social sites.

A Fact U can’t conceal…..

After watching silently for a year I encountered a friend perhaps whom I myself shared my Kolkata transfer posting on the very first instance asks Me where I am posted now….strange ! Isn’t it ?

Hat’s off to my •Wise Wify•….heheheeee She was always vocal in saying that these people are

“Either Fakes or Fake Alikes”

My views are My views….you have your own

#Thoughts put to #Words after a long thorough study….I call it #HumanEngineering


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