A Confession

A confession….fakes-or-Fakealikes-it’s-all-the-same



Good morning

Good night

Is it worth a friendship ?

I have a bad habit of not to hide….but to confess and learn a lesson from my own mistakes and march ahead.

Till date I was with the impression that and rather I was so proud to speak loudly “I can’t distinguish between real life and virtual friendship like in BBM or FACEBOOK friendship”.

I was wrong…& I have a valid reason to pronunce it much louder this time as during my last 6-7 years of stay at different parts of India with much of my friends from •Kolkata• had a wrong impression that…ahhh if one day I will be posted there in the City of Joy….

Kolkata I would be pampered the

way I used to perceive those days friendly encounters.At last….last year I got a promotional transfer to Kolkata and thank God I have completed my •Kolkata Anniversary• though….alas I feel so blessed to realise except a friend or two none of my so called intimate friends have never bothered to take stock of my situation or ever had come to my office or home , neither they have ever invited me as a real life friend….

How Fake these days Facebook Friendships I am sure I will change my approach not just to Facebook stuff even any other social sites.

A Fact U can’t conceal…..

After watching silently for a year I encountered a friend perhaps whom I myself shared my Kolkata transfer posting on the very first instance asks Me where I am posted now….strange ! Isn’t it ?

Hat’s off to my •Wise Wify•….heheheeee She was always vocal in saying that these people are

“Either Fakes or Fake Alikes”

My views are My views….you have your own

#Thoughts put to #Words after a long thorough study….I call it #HumanEngineering


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  1. Farhat says:

    It s really painful for people like us who are easily carried away by the slightest touch of affection shown to us. We are born as man but being human is not easy.(ADMI KO BHI MUYASSAR NAHI INSAN HONA) Hum sab admi hai insaniyat na aye hame.

    1. CreativeSiba says:


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