When Friendship #TearsApart~it hurts

It dates back to 2006,I mean towards the fag end of the year , when I reached Siliguri due to my promotional transfer a cosmo city in North Bengal and gate way to North East and so many countries  like Bhutan,Banglades,China and Nepal.The first family friend I will not hesitate to name from Siliguri was “Mr & Mrs Mishra”.

As if life was impossible to pass without a family friend like the Mishras . Days passed by like flipping pages through pages of a *Best Seller* Novel . Gradually “Mr & Mrs Dixit” a guy from a reputed Chemical Co as well as “Mr & Mrs Padhi” another Banker fraternity , “Mr & Mr Chakraborty”our elderly friendly couple we used to call “Didi & Dada” and “Mr & Mrs Sundarananda” an executive from Tea ☕️ House got to be our common friend and Siliguri being the place adjacent to “Darjeeling” as well sceinic “Sikkim”state we used to go on picnics and night safaries very often with limitless “fun & frolic” always in the cards.< b>As time passed by….. a time came when first of all Me(Mr & Mrs Bhanja) got transferd to Bihar followed by Mr & Mrs Dixit got shifted to Kolkata and Mr & Mrs Padhi returned back to Odisha our common home state laving 3 families there at Siliguri we call it our 2nd home 🏡.After ages we the three families “Bhanjas,Padhis & Dixits”got a chance to go to Siliguri few days ago as we all were longing for since a long time.Everything was fine till the 2nd day of our stay at Friend’s house and it was nothing but a class of mere Ego….We three families lost a good family friend….Mr & Mishra…Friends are just like pearl bids of a “necklace”.a click of all ladies posing with me…..😜The moment the night before…..in full MOOD & MASTI. The lost charm….a pose with all in the late night party….life time memory.

Theme : EGO SPOILS    “F R I E N D S H I P”

In the loving memory of our #Friendship & with tears 😭 in my eyes 👀.

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