White Rose……

White Rose…..Beauty needs no Definitions

it’s a pair of Beautiful White Rose from a fence in Frankfurt Germany & the moment I got down from the car caught my first attention.

One just needs a •pair of beautiful eyes• and a •beautiful 💝heart• to see and appreciate the Beauty in others.

Be it the Beauty of human being or the flora fauna kingdom around us.

One who has to have an eye for beauty can sense it in all creation of the Almighty.

That’s the Beauty….no definition can beautify a BEAUTY & Beauty needs no definitions.


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  1. Farhat says:

    I have never seen a white rose before its my first chance and thanx for giving this chance.. your shot is wonderful I feel like touching those delicate petals its so life like ….A few more things flashes upon the minds eye a virgin a white swan a white piece of cloud in a blue sky. your white roses will always pass across my vision when I will shut my eyes. Ameen

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      WoW 😮

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