Monuments from Paris….History redefined

Monuments from Paris….History redefined in it’s own way.

View of Notre Dame Cathedral from a Cruise 🚢 on Seine river in Paris.

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral Paris a view from river Seine.It’s just unique of it’s kind.View of illuminated Pont Des Arts Bridge on Seine.Popularly known as Love 💕 Lock 🔐 Bridge where Lovers lock their Love for eternity.

View of Eiffel Tower from a River Cruise on Seine.It’s just unique and one of the seven wonders of the World 🗺.

All the Art pieces dedicated to #Monument lovers and photographers across the Globe 🌍.


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  1. I really enjoyed your pictures in this blog. We were just talking about our last trip to Paris and the Louvre at dinner. It is an absolutely beautiful city and your blogged captured that exceptionally well.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks dear

    2. CreativeSiba says:

      I am so thankful my clicks touched you….

  2. Farhat says:

    Your shots have always been mesmerizing it provokes the viewer to get into the minutest detail of the shot. It leaves an everlasting memory. The oilluminated Eiffel Tower is one of the best. I was very much sanguine about The Lovelock💗 Bridge but I was not aware of its french name.I was aware of its existence thanx for picture which shall forever remain within.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Hmm thanks

  3. Rinku ganguly says:


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