O Majhi rey……The Boat on River

O Majhi rey……The Boat on River


When the water is #Golden with glares of setting #Sun

Mind blooms like an ocean engulfing all the shades of Life

There comes the moment of #Stillness the mind in #Oceanic fiesta….

#Thoughts put to #Words


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  1. Farhat says:

    At times we need a boatman to sail us across the ocean of emotion where we cannot fathom the depth of our own feelings we remain perplexed until like the boatman who assures us that we have almost reached the shore ……APNA KINARA TO NADIA KA DHARA HAI

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Wahhh Wahhhhhhh

  2. Farhat says:

    पानीयो मैं बेह रहे है कई किनारे टुटे हुए रासतो में मिल गेई है कभी सहारे टुटे हुए ओ माझी रे।

    1. CreativeSiba says:


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