Try-True-Trust….The New Mantra

Try-True-Trust….The New Mantra

Certain words play a vital role in our Life…


Try is the synonym of not accepting failure & once you are sure of not accepting failure I swear no one can fail you in reaching your Goal.

True is being true to self and to all deeds we do…KARMA is meaningful with a potion of being TRUE to it.Sincerity yields as long as you are sincere every KARMA has a far reaching meaning.

Trust is word of OCEANS and trust on self and in KARMA always will build up the right CONFIDENCE to reach the DESTINATION.

Life is a JOURNEY & we all are here on this BLISSFUL journey of LIFE to accomplish LOVE & COMPASSION in each of our WORDS & DEEDS.

I am personally thankful to Sri D Sahoo my GM for his inspirational morning wish

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