Hare Krishna…..Chanting

“K-R-I-S-H-N-A Nam Sankirtan” Chanting

“K I R T A N”is when the “DEVOTEES” perform congregational chanting of the “Holy Names”. We do this to purify ourselves, to purify everyone else who hears, and to glorify *K-R-I-S-H-N-A* .We want to maximise the benefit that people will get from it. To this end, we must become expert in the Science of “Harinam Sankirtan Yajña”.

There is a science for this, just as there is a science for everything else. It does not mean that one must perform Harinam like a robot according to rigid rules with no room for individual expression, but at the same time certain parameters are there. It is just like cooking – it is done according to a recipe, but there is still room for individual flair and expression, and the result is quite wonderful. Similarly, in Harinam first we should learn the basics, and then by becoming comfortable within these parameters the kirtan will become very sweet. That is the main thing about Harinam kirtan – it should be sweet.

Dedicated to all those who love “KRISHNA” & HE is the ULTIMATE in HUMAN LIFE.

We all are born to die one day & only “KRISHNA NAM IS ANANTA” means “Hari Nam is Eternal”.

Here is a short video on “Live Nam Sankirtan”.

 The “KIRTAN”is being performed by “Kasidhia Budheswar Jew” Jaleswar dist-Balasore Odisha India 🇮🇳.


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