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Sashi Kanta Bhanja…a Man of Honesty & Integrity


Sri Sashi Kanta Bhanja Ex MLA of  Odisha from 1952-1957 .

Born in the year 1921 & Passed away in the year 1990. 

He was born in a small village named “Sarbani“near Chandaneswar“, famous for “Shiv Mandir in “Balasoredistrict of Odisha. He was the eldest son of late Mahendra Bhanja who was a farmer growing radish for exporting Radish seeds to “Java & Sumatra” islands .Those were the days when there was no Bus 🚌 communication in between Chandaneswar and Jaleshawar from where people had to board a train .Mr Bhanja had to walk at least 40 kms to catch a Train🚂 to reach Cuttack where he pursued his graduation from “Ravenshaw College” after completing his matriculation from “Balasore Zilla School“, which is presently FakirMohancollege campus. 

During his school days , he got his first “Goldmedal 🥇” in “English essay writing competition among “class 9 students” across 3 states viz. Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar,Because in those days Matriculstion board was at Patna, the capital of Bihar. This very well proves his mastery in English language .

To be honest , he was financially not so strong that’s why during his graduation 👨‍🎓 in Ravenshaw college , he used to teach english to both the daughters of the then police IG, Odisha . One can well imagine his command in english by virtue of which a high rank official during British rule chose him for teaching English to both of his daughters as a private tutor and it very well proves his “character”and “integrity”.

After completion of his graduation from Ravensaw college he joined LLB (law graduation)course in “Madhu Sudhan law college” at Cuttack and side by side being a graduate in English joined” P M academy” a high school in cuttack where he was the hostel superintendent also. Usually He was attending English teaching in the school after returning from Law classes during morning session and on a fine morning he got a little bit late in joining his English class in P M Academy for which the than Principal of that institute made a very bad remark and that was his last day in that school job. He promised there itself not to do job anymore in any form where one has to compromise on one’s liberty . 

Inspite of All hurdles another  “Gold Medal”was being added to his basket for being the “Best graduate” 👨‍🎓 in law from M S Law college, Cuttack. 

There after he returned back to his old Passion of serving the needy and the poor in “Bhogoraiconstituency”. During his student career at “Ravensawcollege” and “M.Slawcollege”he was always in the forefront in  the freedommovement of India. Even there are evidences of  his hand “writtenlettercorrespondence” with those days eminentfreedomfighters of India , like ThakkarBappa and many more. 

By that time he was an icon in the freedom fight movement of North Odisha.Our country got independence on 15th August 1947 but in the year 1952 there was the first assembly polls in India across all states. Though he was a congress flag bearer since his youth, congress party denied him a ticket for “1952 Assembly elections”.He took it as a challenge and contested from “Bhogorai constituency”as an “independent candidate”and to everybody’s utter surprise he won the election with a very high margin and became “first MLA”from “Bhograi constituency“.Later on Mr Harekrushna Mahatab the than Chief Minister inducted him in to congress party. After his successful career as “MLA”he came back and joined “Bar council” at Balasore and was all through successful as a Lawyer and most eminent advocate being a “man of compassion” and he was always having a considerate heart ❤️ for the poor.

In early 60s he became “Chairman” of “Balasore Zila parishad”.

In the year 1980 since he was an eminent lawyer in Odisha,the then Chief Minister , Smt Nadini Sathpathy appointed him as “Chief Public Prosecutor”of a case against Asia’s Biggest Gang case of “robbers and dacoits” say around 300 or some odds spread across Bihar, Bengal and Odisha.Even the Police(SP) I do remember Mr Pilai associated with father to represent the charge-sheet met with an un-natural death and that was the reason for his untimely high BP.

He was associated with so many “Religious Organisations”. Being a spiritual speaker and a good orator he was being invited to different forums for delivering talks on “Veda and Upanishada” . Later on he established “Balasore law college” and he was the first “President” of that Law college and was also a member of “Utkal University” Syndicate.

Towards later part of his life , one of his writings was published in a book form named “Panchali” – confessionof the strongest character “Draupadi” of The Epic “Mahabharata”.

Till his last he was practising as an Advocate and reading Vedas ,Upanishads and books of fictions and mythology was his passion

He was a man of very strong character and was a die hard honest man of “utmost integrity”

He passed away in the year 1990 at his home 🏡 town “Balasore” in Odisha leaving behind two sons and four daughters.

The  silent words written in loving memory of my Father




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