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Photography is Poetry…..a Journey

Photography is Poetry…..a Journey

For most of the viewers it is just a meaningless piece of “WORK” but….for a few it’s an “ART”.

In My opinion Abstract Photography is –

To click differently is Abstract photography…It’s clicker’s passion but viewer’s choice in understanding the theme/story behind the click.

“it’s a typical type of photography of object (non-life mostly) which only a few can visualize & understand but most of the viewers won’t understand thephotographer’s angle of taking the shot”.


Porcelain Kettle on a Restaurant’s Show case which I clicked at a Restaurant.
 A Lady with Bangles playing with Guitar strings quite an uncommon scene.

It’s a Peacock feather…..
Even I have seen in my own life as a photographer and photo lover

“not even all photographer can dare to click an Abstract shot only the photographers who are creative can think of taking such shots”.

Friends I exactly remember the year 2012 & I was travelling on a local train early in the morning and the train compartment was almost empty , there I dared to click my first shot of this kind(Abstract shot).

The experiment never ends for a creative thinker & photographer.

I will suggest, we should try our hands on whatever object we come across that catches our imagination & dream and try to put it in to a rosy picture.

I dedicate this Blog to all who love to do Abstract Photography and photo lovers across The Globe.


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