•Women & Emotions•a Different OUTLOOK

•Women & Emotions•a different OUTLOOK

•It’s just a try to explore Women & Emotions•Women are richer in Emotions•

I have a lot yet to explore & that was a movie named “The DUPLEX” while watching a particular conversation between “Adaku”(the female cast in main role & pregnant lady)with her best friend “Dora”regarding a life’s vital decision about Adaku’s husband insisting to go for a new house at a through away price & sacrificing “HER CAR”on sale.

The most interesting part was though i used to think I am quite emotionally rich but that was a real eye opener to listen to the conversation between them & Adaku asks Dora….

“Is just that since I got pregnant the only reason I am here because I carry his child in my womb” ?

& Dora replies instantly “Are you now jealous ? that he is more caring about the child you carry than you ?Adaku sighs and says “Everyday he is coming with a new thing just because I am carrying a baby ?”

Dora consoles her “Just because you both are excited to have your first baby & it happens”.Strange enough to explore such a beautiful emotion of #Womanhood & #Motherhood…I could feel the Emotions & that was…..

•A woman who carries a baby in her womb that grows from the flesh & blood from her only….can even feel jealous “if more cared about than herself by her husband”.

Plateau of Emotion I will call it…Jealous thy name is WOMAN & that makes YOU more loving and caring.

Theme:-“On sharing of her Husband’s love a Woman can be jealous of her Baby even”.

That’s why I always say “WOMAN is MUCH MORE FEROCIOUS when ever she is betrayed and denied her share of EMOTIONAL LOVE ❤️“. WOMEN are WOMEN and just ONE COMMUNITY across The Globe.

I am sure many of my Women Bloggers/readers may differ with me on this unique “Emotional Melodrama” but the story writer of such a famous Hollywood film •The Duplex• must have written the dialogues with a lot of research on “Emotions in Women” & apart from it in •Indian context• I have read many novels though at this moment I can’t spell their names where I have found the same expressions of women emotions and to be honest nothing wrong in it and

“women in general are more loyal to their wedded life globally”.

#Thoughts put to #Words


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  1. farha says:

    Yes you have got it right a woman cannot share that love because her husband means the whole world her whole world revolves around him if betrayed by him she becomes more ferocious than a lion in that revengeful mood she is unaware of the consequences even

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      I am so happy you came out with your EMOTIONS and that’s why a WOMAN is MUCH MORE FEROCIOUS when ever she is betrayed and denied her share of EMOTIONAL LOVE ❤️.

    2. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks Farah
      I know WOMEN are WOMEN
      ONE COMMUNITY across The Globe

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