Let it be a Blog rich with Emotions & I believe Emotions rule our Personality

•The #Veteran-though #Tough yet #Soft & born #Rich with an #Ocean of #Emotions•

Many a friends of mine when they see this picture (I mean a cute #Selfie 🤳 taken with my #Pihu a naughty “Congo African Grey”) Parrot my cute Pet….ask a very emotional Q…..

Hey…do you love ❤️ Pihu soooo much ?

My answer is always words rich with emotions

“May be if you love ❤️ some one from Heart ❤️ it’s nature’s first law….You get equal and even rather more love ❤️ in return”.

I have seen over years….

Animals are much better than we as Human beings in the matter of “Love & Emotions” because they lack “LOGIC”which prevents us as human beings to think one way and almost all of us try to expect the material return from a genuine love ❤️.

I would dedicate this Blog to all #PetLovers and I swear “We the Pet Lovers”are born differently different in the matter of “Love & Emotions”.


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  1. I agree with your idea.


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