Why I am like Me#3 में मेरे जैसा क्यूँ हुँ

Why I am like Me#3 में मेरे जैसा क्यूँ हुँ 

ख़ुद को ख़ुद में तलाश रहा हुँ अब भी•in-search-of-myself-in-me•

Sometimes I find some people being a little alike but within few hours/days most of them change and come to their originals & it hurts a lot when the camouflage is shed exposing the TRUTH beneath.

Emotionally strong yet soft at heart & even the finest nuances of human psychology is not a matter of beyond my reach….

May be God was gracious enough to inject xtra bit of compassion & pity rich with a pure mind to forgive the worst  if needed keeping aside all differences that might be still not resolved.

I have tried my best not to loose any one but destiny had always pulled away the unwanted & the un-deserving from my sight keeping me calm and soaked in an “Ocean of Emotions”.

Sometimes people pretend to be what they are not but once caught in the Whirl-Pool of rich “Emotional exchanges” the hidden omen pops up making the bond feel like a “Broken Relationship”.

Yet…..the search is on & heart ❤️says don’t give-up and the earth has not come to an end.

Emotionally your’s…..


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  1. Farhat says:

    Have you seen a rose yet to bloom hold it in your hand and start taking of those petals one by one at the beginning it’s colour was pink mixed with red by the time you reach the core the colour starts shedding that dark tinge will you call it camouflaging?

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      It’s natural the nature protects the core from Sunlight and all polluting agents and that’s the reason it’s pale.

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