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I walk…I fall down…I do mistakes…I learn from my mistakes

I walk…I fall down…I do mistakes…I learn from my mistakes.


“Mind is the way you mend it to keep going the way you desire”.

Being complex or over inquisitive sometimes lend you nowhere because every happening has an unseen purpose may be that’s the way He rules.

Practicing smile inspite of a bucket-full of problems is truly an art and I assure we all can practise the fine art of •Smiling• if we posses a positive approach to the approaching problems.

I am sure every problem has a solution and it doesn’t have a solution it can’t be a problem.

It means our approach to the problem itself is it’s solution.

When we are positive and crystal clear in our thoughts I am sure the mind will lead us in the right direction of searching the solution.Many a times we get struck for the reasons and every reason to have a reasoning of it at least I am not convinced .Certain things happen inspite of no fault of us neither in our thoughts nor in our deeds. Accepting the people & the situation is first step to remain happy.

I have seen people suffering a lot and make their own life miserable thinking about what the person on the other side would be thinking about him/her.

People sometimes get so revengeful and they keep on wasting time in finding the moment to take revenge but if you can practice the habit of

•Forgive & Forget•

I am sure by not forgiving only we accumulate the unwanted negative 👎 vibes and the more it accumulates it destroys our own peace of mind.

Last but not the least…..

The moment we start feeling we are not born just for ourselves the feeling of Worldly Brotherhood

“बसुधेब कूटमबकम”a different feel al together will come to existence eliminating all the past scars and enrich ys with fresh cosmic blessings which we all long for.

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