Model Photo Shoot…My #First #Experiences in a #Studio

Model Photo Shoot…My #First #Experiences in a #Studio

Since a long time a very close friend of me MrAnindya was inviting me for Bridal/Model shooting but due to my hectic official schedules I could never make the ends meet.

On a Sunday morning on his invitation at last I got my feet there in the studio and I would say it’s classic studio with all modern lightnings of various ambiances perfect for bringing the right tone & texture to the shot.

Mr Anindya a Brand Ambassador of #NikonIndiaLimited I would thank him may be he had an inner instinct that I could give results to his satisfaction & he is a Professional guy I can assure.

It’s a “Typical Indian Bengali Bridal photo-shooting” and as a professional ethics I would not disclose the name of this beautiful #Model and the way she was posing under the lights really stunned me.

The Model in pose a “Beautiful Bengali young lady” in Bridal Make-up is not just awesome beautiful but the #Gramophone and Old Ethnic #Telephone on the back ground makes it more alluring.



The same model in a closer and with a different look with all the dazzling ornaments typical to Bengali Brides makes it different.

I wished being my first Bridal Model shoot to go for a #selfie with the #Pretty #Model and she was awesome cool lady.

It’s “THE TEAM” of Make-up artists Ganesh , stylist ,my friend Anidya and the  Model of-course that day my wife was with me on the sets because she is my greatest inspiration .

“This World is so Beautiful & you just need a pair of real eyes to see the Beauty and spread the Beauty in words and pictures”.

I am again thankful to my friend Photographer a Profession guy from “Nikon Family” in Kolkata Mr Anindya for giving me a #Break.

I would love to dedicate and inspire the up-coming Model Photographers as well as fellow Bloggers who would love to spread the Beauty in words and Pictures.



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