River Photography…..a Different Try

River Photography…..a Different Try


“Right angle with the Right object in Focus & with Thought embedded will definitely make a Shot a Memory”

Sometimes even ordinary places becomes xtra-ordinary the way you presume scenes and It was like that.Weekends at “Bandhaghat” in Howrah Kolkata being too close to my home 🏡 is an usual obsession and I love ❤️ the place not just because every time I lay my foot there I get to see something different like chirping House Sparrows and Fishing Boats with the Man trying to lay the Net or Devotes taking a Deep in Ganga River( let’s respect the #Hindu sentiments).

If you look 👀 at the shot….may be nothing new but yes I am sure it will ignite your inner thought to think and ponder upon.

Dedicated to My Blogger Friends with love for Nature & Landscape Photography lovers ❤️.


7 thoughts on “River Photography…..a Different Try

  1. I just love your clicks, its really extra ordinary.

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    1. Ameen….
      OMG 😲 to be honest i am so happy to know you love my shots….
      God Bless You


      1. Oh great! Thanks much, I appreciate!

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      2. You are nice writer and my words are always a real feel.

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  2. I am wondering…what is making the splash in the water behind the two people? very intriguing picture!

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    1. Actually the guys in the shot were swimming 🏊 and thats the splash I tried to capture

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