MyQuotes#11 •Appreciations can do Wonders•

“Appreciations I am sure can return back your share of Happiness”

People of these days are growing more selfish day by day you may say it’s a sign of modernisation and yes it fits in to “Darwin’s Theory“of

•Struggle for Existence & Survival of the Fittest•

People by virtue of inheritance of genotypes are growing more & more “Nucleus family”oriented where sacrifice as used to be in earlier days of “Joint Family” almost won’t exist as a ritual.

I have if you ask me personally have always felt that those ones who still value in giving a clap or Appreciation of any good deed or good work enjoys a different type of Joy of “Self-contentment” & it works on a small funda that’s When you make some one feel happy the vibes in and around I mean the AURA emirs HAPPINESS in return.

Long back I read a nice book on this Topic and I still remember a formula of Universe….It says the more you appreciate and praise the Universe the same Universe returns to you.

“It really works & I have in my life have experimented on it”.

Grace is the outcome or you may say the fruit of that plant called….Appreciation or Pampering.

To be more precise although every day us a new day for me but yet I have the courage and a will to experiment with such things which I would love you as my esteemed reader and fellow Bloggers to practice too. 

•Let’s practice just an Art of Appreciating/Pampering the goodness around us & let’s see Our Own Horizon Bloom with the Happiness in Return• It happens every now and then around you….some one doing a good work , wife serves you a nice cup of tea/coffee or a small boy/girl shows her home-work….you get a chance 2 appreciate & let it turn to be a habit rather.

My thoughts put to words & I will be really happy to see you interact !!!!!!!!

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  1. Farhat says:

    Appreciation can do wonders there’s no doubt to the fact its like a ray of hope creeping into your soul through the slightest creak in the doorway.Those little pampering and care does a great job which could not be done in decades. graceful face and beautiful inner being cannot be bought or sold. Right Mr Blogger.Miracles do happen with appreciation,words can work like magic wand transforming you to Cindrella .

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