If you ask me to make a Wish ! Then…..I will go for asking #Grace from #Him the Almighty

G R A C E can enlighten YOU

Grace is the essence of true happiness and if you are on the right path of spirituality I am sure it will be definitely quench your thirst.

We all are here in living form to act called “Karma” & no act “Karma” is bad unless it hurts any body.

Simply if you are not thinking anything bad of anything or anybody and your constant practice of compassion for all will definitely wash off all sinful imprints of even earlier births if you do believe in re-birth of Soul. 

Ask for #Grace & it will enrich you with #Wisdom

Ask for #Compassion & it will enrich you with #Humbleness

My thoughts put to words…..

Wisdom is not just mere “knowledge”

but it’s the “True Self Realisation”.


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      Sure I will & I strongly support #TerrorFreePlanet.

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        Wonderful blog you have.

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    AMAZING!! ✨🙏

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      Thank you 😊 my dear friend and I am so happy it touched your heart ❤️.

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