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S E C R E T S…….of a HAPPY WEDDED LIFE & let’s #Understand #EachOther


Let’s #Understand #EachOther

I am just like you but over the years of wedded life yes of course I have some secrets what I felt like sharing.

I am sure of one thing…..If you are a happy 😊 go going type person with least complaints in life then you are a true happy being.Can you find me a MOST IDEAL COUPLE who have never had differences of OPINIONS ever with his or her SPOUSE ? I don’t think You will.Because only partners with a little difference of opinion thrive the BEST and it has a reason I can well justify.Where there is little difference not in most things then I would say both have a nice and distinct personality and there comes the UNDERSTANDING issue which both need to take care of & arguments/verbal fights are always a sign of a healthy-relationship unless it aggravates to a permanent matter of day or a week-long silence.

My own experiences/suggestions I would love ❤️ to share.

Happiness is always your domain… HAPPY just for NO REASONS because NO REASON can give YOU EVERLASTING HAPPINESS.Be CONTENT with WHATEVER YOU HAVE & may be MOST won’t have even WHAT YOU HAVE.My thoughts & My feelings…..I promise I will respect YOUR VIEWS & YOU are welcome with YOUR’s….That’s HEALTHY.

COMPLAINING time and again is a WORST HABIT…..refrain from It.


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