S E C R E T S…….of a HAPPY WEDDED LIFE & let’s #Understand #EachOther


Let’s #Understand #EachOther

I am just like you but over the years of wedded life yes of course I have some secrets what I felt like sharing.

I am sure of one thing…..If you are a happy 😊 go going type person with least complaints in life then you are a true happy being.Can you find me a MOST IDEAL COUPLE who have never had differences of OPINIONS ever with his or her SPOUSE ? I don’t think You will.Because only partners with a little difference of opinion thrive the BEST and it has a reason I can well justify.Where there is little difference not in most things then I would say both have a nice and distinct personality and there comes the UNDERSTANDING issue which both need to take care of & arguments/verbal fights are always a sign of a healthy-relationship unless it aggravates to a permanent matter of day or a week-long silence.

My own experiences/suggestions I would love ❤️ to share.

  • Be happy and be content YOU HAVE THE BEST SPOUSE.
  • Respect each other’s sentiments..tough but can be practised.
  • Express your love ❤️ & it really works.
  • I have seen Men take their Spouse….even I have a practice  to take Her on a Moto-ride however busy I may be after a daylong tiresome hectic schedule……is it IMPOSSIBLE ? Ask yourself and it’s NEVER LATE to START AFRESH A GOOD HABIT.It really refreshes BOTH OF YOU.
  • As far as possible be with your SPOUSE in spite of all responsibilities because a HAPPY LIFE STARTS FROM HOME….The Sweet Home 🏡 rather.Many a friends of mine beg an excuse of staying as a Forced Bachelor-hood but I know they EVADE a true responsibility with VAGUE reasons only except where you have a ageing PARENTS issue to look after.
  • Start Every-Day with a FRESH FEEL….This DAY is MY BEST DAY in LIFE.

Happiness is always your domain…..be HAPPY just for NO REASONS because NO REASON can give YOU EVERLASTING HAPPINESS.Be CONTENT with WHATEVER YOU HAVE & may be MOST won’t have even WHAT YOU HAVE.My thoughts & My feelings…..I promise I will respect YOUR VIEWS & YOU are welcome with YOUR’s….That’s HEALTHY.

COMPLAINING time and again is a WORST HABIT…..refrain from It.


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  1. Ira Brisson says:

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Is it relevant here !

  2. Farhat says:

    Every relation needs a bit of effort to keep it going. Since we came across each other I have been trying to put every bit into its right place the way I was taught by U. I have not been out since saturday only went for sari to park st only 5 mins drive .If i would have asked for his opinion for the sari the ans would have been Tumko pehenna hai tum samjho .Someone sitting hundreds of miles could give me a opinion which touched my heart. His simple appreciation could have done wonders but……

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Be happy
      No if and but

  3. salman_habib says:

    Love your philosophies, words definitely to live by.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Awwwwwww….that’s a BIG compliment I will cherish in rest of my life.You are Blessed.

  4. thiaBasilia says:

    Ah! But I agree. Only the complaining part? It can only be STOPPED for GOOD by the power of our Creator’s love & wisdom from on high. That’s for sure. I know it because, I tried it both ways: by my power of positive thinking? I failed. By His power? It never fails. I always avails!

    Now? Have I stopped complaining? Nay! Only now I do it with full knowledge of its futility! NO USE TO COMPLAIN! End of the matter! Sometimes I declare. Other times? It worked! Sure glad I COMPLAINED! lol

    Come visit, I miss you. http://www.thia-basilia.com/2017/09/08/crazy-nay-only-momentarily-hysterical/ 🙂

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thia…I am happy you interacted with me & for sure complaining for a reason also makes sometimes the situation even worse and it’s always better instead of complaining always sometimes if make your hubby feel it in a positive attitude it will work.
      Hope you agree.

      1. thiaBasilia says:

        Amen. Humor about things? Always work. That’s what I meant. lol

      2. CreativeSiba says:


  5. CreativeSiba says:

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