Caring Mothers……even Animal Kingdom is no Exception

Caring Mothers……Even Animal Kingdom is no Exception.


That was in 2013 and we had been to Chennai in India to attend Engneering Graduation Ceremony of our daughter and along with that we went to Kodaikenal a beautiful Hill Station in Tamilnadu state.

I have clicked so many shots of Animal Moms with their baby 👶 in their lap but this shot of “Monkey Moms with their babies in a row” really caught my attention while roaming in the countryside there.

One thing is very much clear…..Not just Human Moms but even Animal Moms are no less in caring their Babies and I always bow my head before #Motherhood.

I always become so thoughtful when ever I come across such Heart-Touching pose of Animals and it ignites my inner passion to speak out my heartfelt thanks to MOTHERHOOD again and again.

Dedicated to all LOVING MOTHERS & NATURE LOVERS across our PLANET.

Mother is Your First Teacher

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