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Let’s begin the day…..with a note on POSITIVITY

Let’s begin the day…..with a note on POSITIVITY

My Confessions…..

To be precise……I have a life “mix of Wonderful Experiences with few phases of Mild Depression”.

I have seen in my own life , there was a phase when I used to remain unhappy/depressed though it was mild in nature….but to be honest I never found a reason why I went in to that Trance phase and the Reason there of .

I will thank myself and my lovely wife so cooperative that I could come out of those dark phases of my life by God’s grace and may be my own strive to think positive in-spite of the worst state of mind . I remember I used to do “YOGA and MEDITATION” a lot and used to visit Temples of Worship often just to get rid of my meaningless “NEGATIVE THOUGHTS”.

My Own Feelings…how to overcome a DEPRESSED PHASE If You ever encounter and You never know It may come in Your Life too just for NO REASONS as in my case.

Last but not the list……It’s You and You only who can FIGHT & WIN YOU.

I am personally thankful to my only daughter & wife for helping me out.

I would like If My Readers interact to make this World a SAFE HEAVEN for all of US to THRIVE.

There is an OLD SAYING….AN IDLE MIND IS A DEVIL’s WORKSHOP. And to keep the MIND HEALTHY WE need to CLEANSE our MIND with REGULAR MEDITATION & the simplest way to MEDITATE IS….Concentrate on Your Breath and Think NOTHING & JUST RELAX.

 Do you know…..

You blessed me silently with your words of appreciations and it’s an ACCUMULATED BLESSINGS I HAVE BUILT UP OVER THE YEARS.You means You…My well wishers and Admirers.

Let’s begin the Day with a positive note….I CAN DO & Think Positive/Speak Positive/Act Positive….The World is Your’s.

Why I am Like ME


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