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A Trip to Nature’s Heart ❤️…..NETERHAT a beautiful Destination in Jharkhand India

Nature is always an Indulgence for Me & My Family.

That was in November 2015 and one of my friend the than Asst Conservator of Forests of “Betla Range” booked the Forest Rest House🏡at Neterhat on my request and our journey from Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand to Neterhat was a memory I would always cherish…..

One can well imagine the beauty of the Jungle Huts well surrounded by tall trees.The word “Neterhat” came from The British Time name of this place as “Nature’s Heart ❤️“. As because it’s presence is in the heart ❤️of Nature gradually it became famous as “NETERHAT”.

“Netarhat” is a small Hill Town in Latehar district  in the state of Jharkhand , India and it is popularly referred to as the “Queen of Chotanagpur”, it is a popular hill station.

Its the beautiful Tree Top Cottage and It’s always so worthy to spend a night or two there…luckily the time when we were there for the first time in 2014 it was awesome enjoying a rain for hours together.

The Sunrise at “Neterhat” as viewed from the Rest House is one of my unique indulgence with Nature….Calm & serene the ambience of the Hill Station in totality an Unique of it’s kind I have travelled so far…not because it’s too cool a climate…but it’s a different experience altogether.

Ahhhhh…this the famous “SUNSET POINT” just unique to “NETERHAT”which has it’s own legendary Story…A story dates back to British Days of Colonial rule in India when an English Lady and her fiance a Tribal man both dived from this point because their LOVE was not acceptable to the than society…That’s THE SUICIDE POINT….with statue of both the LOVERS.Mostly tourists come here to “Neterhat” and spends hours together at this beautiful place well maintained a Tribal Family through out the year just to watch the setting Sun and its Beauty on mountain range in the back ground.

Not to conclude…..I thought why not I share a Selfie with a nice back ground from the Forest Rest House where we stayed for two nights .

How to reach NETERHAT

“Neterhat” is just around 153 km away from “Ranchi” the Capital of Jharkhand (once upon a time it was the Summer Capital of united Bihar) which is well connected by road/rail/air from any parts of India and it takes around 3.45 hours from ranch to reach there by road. I would suggest for spending a weekend with family and friends (at least 2N/3D) in the lap of Nature…NETERHAT is a BEST OPTION.


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