Pot Tea ☕️ Chai pe #Charcha


That was a nice Sunday 

Enjoying tea ☕️ on a roadside Nukkad is an unique experience though everybody may not subscribe to it.

These TeaPots are popularly called as “Kulladh“which are common to places like Bihar , Up ,Delhi and even Streets of Kolkata.

It’s owsum to sip tea from a Kulladh because of it’s the smell of Mitti (Mitti da khusboo)that adds to the aroma of tea in a big way.

May be only in India we get such options to enjoy Tea ☕️ on road side .

I remember those wonderful days at Buxar…”Stopping by some roadside tea stall and enjoying tea from a Clay pot”.

NostalgicMoments are always cherished…

#nostalgic #tea #clicksbysiba #kulladh


2 thoughts on “Pot Tea ☕️ Chai pe #Charcha

    1. I was lucky 🍀 to be in Bihar for 4 years and still luckier to be here in kolkata since July 2016 and i do love ❤️ tea ☕️ in Kulladh a lot , which is a delight here in Kolkata.


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