Hilsha Fish a Bengali Favorite during Rainy days

Being in Kolkata with a taste for the real Hilsha Fish is a delight.

 Bengalies cherish the Hilsha fish & so too we from neighboring state like Odisha .Being from Balasore a coastal city in Odisha adjoining to West Bengal we have a special flavor for this awesome Hilsha fish.

Hilsha is such a fish which can be made palatable in many ways like

  • classical Ilish Macher Bhaja
  • Typical Ilish Paturi
  • Ilish macher Bhapa
  • Ilish macher Jhol
  • Ilish macher Tok

Not just Bengalis but People from Odisha and Bihar too cherish this fish delight across India.

Being in Kolkata with a flavour for HILSHA is just UNIQUE.


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