Boat 🚣 on River…..StreetPhoto

You take me to any place , I am damn sure I can show you something different and alluring.

That’s at Bandhaghat a Ferry ghat on river Ganga better known as Hooghly river in Howrah WB India 🇮🇳 & as usual I visited the site on weekends with my Nikon DSLR on my shoulder.Not necessary I will click always a pilgrim taking Holy Dip on the river but to get a chance of a Nauka(fishing boat) popularly known as “Dinghi” approaching the ghat to spread nets is really a rare chance.

I would love ❤️ to dedicate this shot to all Street Photographers and Photography lovers.


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  1. salman_habib says:

    Awesome clicks

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks 🙏 Mr Salman

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