Landscape Photography…..Different One

It stands apart…..If clicked from the right angle with the right object in focus.

The Place was Dzuluk a distant Hamlet on Himalayas in Sikkim state of India and the season was fall winter with spring time approaching.

The mood the Scenic view just enticed me to make the mood more glamorous with this beautiful landscape shot that I took early in the morning from the roof-top of the Stay-home where we took shelter for two nights on the way to Baba Mandir & the famous Elephant Lake via Silk-route.That’s a Beautiful Temple on the Hill Top in the Picture.

I dedicate this Lovely shot to all Photographers across the Globe 🌎.

No Photograph is beautiful unless it is properly appreciated by you the on-lookers because “Beauty lies in the Eyes 👀 of the On-Looker’s”.


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