The HIMALAYAS……heavenly BLUE

When the Sky is BLUE…..HEART ❤️ filled with deep sense of gratitude for the Almighty.

Life takes a leap in to the WINGS of FREEDOM & I was just stunned at the beauty of MOUNTAINS clad with a blanket of fresh SNOW at around 13000 ft above MSL in DZULUK INDIA.That was in April 2017.

The HIMALAYAS is always an inspiration for me and like any other tourist I got engrossed in my own thought of the HEAVENLY FEELINGS.The whole day we spent on the Himalayas with shiny mountains all around and heart ❤️ filled with immense JOY.

I will love ❤️ to dedicate this shot to all Mountain Lover Photographer friends as well as Travel Blogger friends across the Globe 🌎.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Himalayas The Abode of snows. It gives u the sense of purity. Pure in all sense the air the water the scenic beauty and the pure bliss that you feel when you come in contact with these ice clad mountain. .. Huge extensive mountain s .covered with dark pines. With a canopy of wite snow all over At a point I couldn’t trust my senses I tried figuring out wheter I was alive or I had reached some heavenly abode after death

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      WoW 😮

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