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A M A L…..A Movie Review(Hindi Movie with English sub-titles)

A M A L….I am sure if you are Emotional stuff you will love ❤️ the movie.

When Amal refuses to accept a tip and offers cough drops to a gruff old man dressed in rags, G.K. Jayaram (Naseeruddin Shah), the man is convinced he has finally found a good man, a man of principle. When the old man dies suddenly, his family discovers that he has done something no one expected.

G.K.’s will contains instructions that his assets will remain locked for thirty days until Amal can be found and the dead man’s attorney sets out to locate Amal, not an easy task in a city with thousands of Amals. If Amal doesn’t show up within thirty days, G.K.’s fortune will revert to his sons, with whom Suresh has a secret deal.

Amal develops a romantic interest in Pooja Seth (Koel Purie) over years a passenger he picks up every day and becomes devoted to the health of a young girl who is run over and injured by his rickshaw while begging in the streets,.

It’s a Beautiful Film with English sub-titles.

Touched by Amal’s kindness and self-sacrifice, Pooja digs into the money she has been saving for her dowry and buys a carburetor she knows is needed to fix an abandoned auto-rickshaw lying by Amal’s house. She takes it to Amal so he can install it and return to his usual business.

The scene….Pooja takes out her entire life savings to buy a carburatore for Amal….made me cry & I couldn’t stop my tears roll down my cheeks.

Amal a Movie was inspired by a real-life experience and story idea by his brother, Shaun Mehta. Together they turned it into a short and then expanded it into a full-length feature in time for the “Toronto Film Festival in 2007“.


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