Traditional India…a Street photo

Sometimes certain things just catch my attention….I was in Ranchi the state capital of Jharkhand.During one of my official trip to Bokaro this unique picture of a Tribal lady bringing back her herd of cows after day long grazing on green grass all around really caught my attention.Indian countryside is all the same you may name any state. The Tribal lady with an umbrella 🌂 in hand to get relief from the scorching heats of Sun makes it a memory for me….my #Jhatrhand days.

I would be happy if you write your views on this shot…….

Dedicated to all photographers and Nature lovers.


12 thoughts on “Traditional India…a Street photo

  1. great india

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  2. Lovely atmospheric photo. I must visit India one day as there is so much history and a beautiful country. There has been a fascinating/disturbing documentary recently about Partition

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    1. Nothing like that and India 🇮🇳 that’s why called as a sub-continent because of its diversity in many things.Welcome to India.


  3. This picture is a classic sir.The Indian countryside is so beautiful regardless of which state it is.The old lady holding the umbrella and her herd looks so dignified.A tribute to all elderly women.

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    1. Rightly said and motto of my click was to dignify the Lady. Thanks 🙏

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    A Street Shot….The Rural India


  5. Sanjoy Chandra 16 Aug 2017 — 2:01 pm

    Unique click of Rural photography, the asphalt road with white border adds a new dimension to the picture. Hats off to you Sir jee.

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    1. Sanjoy da
      Ami Ranchi te thaka kalin aei shot ta clik korechilam
      Ektu aladaa shot ta…tai na


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