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Hindi Film Review…HUNTERRR (A)

Again a nice movie on NETFLIX that I watched last night really provoked me to write this review.It’s an Adult one….so be careful while watching with family.

After a long time I liked a Movie full of reality the way some people take their Life in real….Tom Boy/Vashu a type of Men who never settle or believe in family making rather keep on taking chances with new faces like affairs with married ladies/girls.

The beauty of the film is the CINEMATOGRAPHY which is unique with time to time flashback…going back to the back days of MANDAR the name of the hero.

Ultimately MANDAR comes across a girl TRIPTI who was just out from a BREAK-UP with a guy with whom she spent two long years but his poor attitude broke her Heart.
The Hero ultimately decides to CONFESS every thing to his Faience TRIPTI because of a good friend of him before the marriage and END up with a nice understanding as both MANDAR & TRIPTI accepts each other.

The Starring of the movie although new but the Story and Cinematography along with the Back ground score 🎼 is really excellent.

I would rate 4.5/5 if I am given a chance.


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