Street Photography….Sawan Festival

Sawan (Shravana) is the month of celebrating life  connecting with "The Divinity".


As per Hindu Dharma the month of Sawan (Rainy Season) has a great significance as most of the Hindus from Northern India quit non-veg foods and on Monday's take water from rivers in most & pour the Holy water on Sib Ling.For that the Devotees travel long distances on bare foot to reach Sib Temple to pour water.

These clicks I took at Bandha Ghat (Ferry Ghat) on the banks of river Ganga(Hoogly) on a morning photo-trip.


Women after taking Holy dip in river Ganga worship Sun God with offering of Water.

It's celebration of Control on mind and body to connect to the Supreme Soul.

I dedicate all these shots to Street Photography lovers across the Globe.



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