BISON….Wild life Photography

The Gigantic Bisons (Gaur) are always a favourite subject of my photography in wildlife trips.


That was in the year Jan 2015 and we were inside Betla National Forests in Palamu district(Jharkhand) during an early morning “Jungle safari”. As we were advancing in to the deep forests suddenly came across a herd of these Macho Bisons ( Indian Gaur) and they were very much playful with their calves in a large number.We stopped our Jeep to have a look and I could manage some awesome shots with my Nikon D5300 Camera .

I have a feelings that “Almost all wild animals are super cool & unless they feel any threat to their life they wont attack.

I was lucky these two Duo posed for me.

Dedicated to all who love Nature  & wild life photography.



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