Beach Shots in Pencil Sketch…unplugged

My All time favourite Beach shots I tried with Pencil ✏️ sketch……

It's Puri sea beach on the Bay-of-Bengal in Odisha an unique deep sea with food 🥘 & fun on the cards.

It's Chandipur-on-sea in district Balasore(Odisha) an unique beach on the same Bay-of-Bengal in Odisha & it's uniqueness is it's low-tide mode allures tourists to go deep in to sea with just knee deep water.

Another beach on the Bay-of-Bengal is Dagra Beach and I always feel its a real virgin beach with tranquility and calmness all around.But it's a deep sea zone.

All these are real shots I have taken on different occasions and converted in tonpencil sketch to give a different 👀look.

I dedicate all these photos to "Landscape/Beach photography lovers".

Thanks for stopping by…


6 thoughts on “Beach Shots in Pencil Sketch…unplugged

  1. The art work is lovely and beautiful!

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  2. Lovely. I appreciate art work. Speaks volumes to me

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    1. I am so happy 😁 to see my shots converted to pencil sketch really touched you.


      1. I call it Natures Breace. I coined two words Breeze and Peace to make the word Breace.

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      2. WoW thats true awesome a new combo-word
        I loved it


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