Photography is Creativity…. Photography itself is a Romance

I love ❤️ cup ☕️ shots…..

Sometimes I experiment with taking shots of Tea Cups during my morning tea ☕️ with wife.

Tea ☕️ served in glasses make the taste and feel of a traditional road-side tea from stalls.

That was a Sunday lazy morning & I tried this shot from the top with news paper 📝 beneath.

It's different again with the cup ☕️ & news paper on mat.

Any object can be a subject of photography provided one can visualise the out come.

I call these shots as Abstract Photography & I dedicate all these shots to my Amateur Photographer Blogger friends.

Photography is pure Creativity

Photography is itself a Romance

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  1. Yes the way romance is a feel you cherish in your heart the passion for photography is an emotional feel where one tries to capture the moment of fascination of attraction through ones lens.Rather call your heart A lens of the mind.

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